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No Play!
I remember what you than said,
So why i search a shelter, glad for to melt
With you, with one together,
But you told me don`t be sad,
But you didn`t know what i felt
When like a flower in the desert i fade, no
As if only for despair i was made, oh
I`m a whiffet, you found empty clade,
Please, please, please
If you be so great with high selfgrade, lord
Gimme, gimme a chance, i won`t let a mistake.
Even if i made a trade with the devil so bad,
Even if i get injured i will not regret,
That i chosed you than that I
Ready open all my mind what i had,
But why for this love, torment i so hate
Whole myself~~
Say, that i`m mad.~
There`s no one more important than you, you`re the main
Looking at you, i hover in the clouds, cross mountain/
Pretended not to seem weak, but what I had is I had pain
Inside me flared flame I`m
Attached to you, it proves a rain!
I can`t live without you, no word game! But
Life had prepared me another plan.
I skip you through myself, like rushed under train
No, no, no, no~
Despair haunts me, it is like a bane, well
Bring me, bring me a jean, let`s erase the stain,
All you wanted from me you can clain!
Time`s predetermined, look that chain,
That will bring you a fame, i
Ready break my mind for you, it`s not shame!
I can see your gain above myself again,
Please understand,
I`m not foreign!

Do you want i will call your name?
Will you listen voice? I know my blame/
But i just wanna split the frame
And my wish is more than be your friend and fan
Cause you was my air,
And i want you to stay
I implore you, please, don`t go away
It was real feeling, no play
I don`t play, Hey, yeah!
I don`t play!

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